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  • Retromation's Avatar

    Working with has been an outrageously smooth and simple experience! I am so pleased to have my name attached to my Chrono game store. It has been super lovely, I appreciate you guys!-Retromation

  • Pazos64's Avatar

    Despite not being the biggest YouTuber, Chrono's dedication to me and my work has been incredible. I can only say good things about the people of Chrono.-Pazos64

  • Karmakut's Avatar

    It has been an awesome experience! You guys are the best partnership I’ve ever had and I’m excited to see what the future has “in store” for us hahaha.-Karmakut

  • ZiggyD's Avatar

    Chrono has handled my store extremely well and it couldn't have been smoother or more hands off for me. The best thing though is now I get to work and talk directly with indie devs more than ever before.-ZiggyD

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